Why Donate

CCV has revolutionized civic engagement with our unique and pioneering approach. We efficiently monitor 40+ local government entities and school boards across (10) Virginia County’s. Traditional methods of accessing meeting minutes and agendas are tedious and hinder public involvement in our democratic society. CCV shatters these obstacles, swiftly pinpointing vital topics and concerns for constituents. We make all this information readily available on our website, fostering a new era of seamless access to public information and empowering citizens like never before. 

Donating to a cause-driven non-profit such as CCV that monitors local governments and school boards, provides a robust digital advocacy platform, and aims to offer these services without charging users can have several benefits:

Amplifying Grassroots Efforts

Donations enable CCV to maintain and improve our platform without relying on user fees, allowing constituents, grassroots organizations and activists with limited financial resources to participate in local governance and advocacy efforts.

Fostering Financial Sustainability

Donations provide CCV with a steady source of income, ensuring that we can continue to offer our services and tools for free. This financial stability allows us to focus on our mission and maintain a long-term commitment to actual transparency and civic engagement.

Ensuring Accessibility

By not charging for our services, CCV can ensure that the tools and resources are accessible to a wider range of individuals and communities. Your donation helps support this commitment to inclusivity and equal access.

Enhancing the Quality of Our Platform

Donations allows CCV to invest in research and development, upgrading our unique offering, state-of-the-art technology, and continually improving the user experience. This ensures that the platform remains effective, user-friendly, and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.