CCV: Votervoice Digital Advocacy Platform
Take action on the legislation and regulations that matter to you

CCV is excited to introduce you to CCV VoterVoice, a powerful digital advocacy platform driven by AI and “Big Data” designed to help us make a real impact on the legislative and regulatory issues in Virginia. Whether you’re part of a nonprofit, a trade association, or a constituent, CCV VoterVoice provides the tools and resources you need to mobilize our supporters and amplify our message.

The CCV VoterVoice solution will also make it easy for us to stay connected with our constituents, through various communication channels like email or texting. CCV can keep them informed about various campaigns and mobilize them to take action through the CCV VoterVoice Action Center. The pre-filled supporter information feature ensures that your supporters can take action with just one click when they’re ready to be heard.

Unless you are directly and openly supporting a specific candidate, most get-out-the-vote campaigns try to be nonpartisan. CCV VoterVoice also allows us to easily create legislator scorecards that rate how lawmakers have voted on important issues. CCV VoterVoice Scorecards allows us to rank elected officials based on their voting record. Leveraging lawmakers’ voting histories with legislative scorecards can be a powerful tool of persuasion, both with lawmakers and constituents.

VoterVoice, a powerful AI-driven digital advocacy platform for nonprofits, trade associations, corporations, and NOW with CCV VoterVoice, constituents in Virginia!

User-friendly interface allows personalized messages targeting specific lawmakers or officials.

Automatically displays location-specific resources without any extra work required. Simply provide your Zip Code and street address to access the relevant information through the integrated Action Center.

Find candidates based on Zip Code and get up-to-date contact information. Create legislator scorecards and share how lawmakers have voted on issues, via email or in your website to inform supporters before Election Day.