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Remain proactive in staying abreast of policy changes in

cities, counties, and school districts, courtesy of local

legislative tracking software empowered by technology.

Tracking Local Policies Made Easy, Efficient, and Comprehensive

Accessing Local Government and School Board meeting minutes and agendas can bring about significant advantages in terms of transparency. Nevertheless, keeping track of the actions taken by these entities can be an overwhelming task. With this in mind, we developed CCV, which leverages technology and human analysis to monitor Local Governments.

CCV offers a comprehensive and free service that includes providing access to meeting minutes, agendas, planning, and other relevant documents from Virginia State & Local governments, and School Boards.

Unprecedented Grassroots Action Driven by Localized Intelligence

Gain entry to the most extensive collection of meeting minutes and agendas from cities and counties, empowering constituents with valuable insights.

Revolutionize Local Government Monitoring & Empower Civic Engagement

Attain unparalleled visibility into local government discussions at an unprecedented speed, accuracy, and scale.

Do away with the laborious process of manually searching for meeting minutes and agendas from city and county committees, or tracking down the contact information of crucial stakeholders. Instead, allocate more time towards taking action on issues that matter most to you.

Unparalleled Visibility

Monitoring Local Government Boards, Committees, Councils, School Boards, and other decision-making bodies across the State of Virginia.

Making Informed Decisions

Providing resources for informed decision-making and advocacy. Virginia Statewide Coverage

CCV Is 100% Free!

CCV is a small nonprofit and our focus is on providing actual "transparency". Therefore, our services will be accessible to all without cost.

CCV’s Free Services & Tools Are Sustained by Donations, Ensuring Long-Term Financial Stability for Transparency and Civic Engagement.